4 Great Tips for Traveling by Air with a Baby + Pictures of Our Trip to Tokyo!

I get quite a few questions on how I can possibly bring with us Baby Riduan who is now 2 months and a half old, when we go on trips and vacations by road or air (we haven't done any sea travels...yet!). I am tempted to say..."Hey, its so flippin' natural, I know how to do it since the day I was born!". Hmmm... Well, I do hate to burst my own bubbles...but heck no! I learnt a lot from other mothers who does a lot of traveling with their bouncing bundle of joy. So I am here to share their experiences and my own so that all mommies can enjoy their vacation trips by air anytime they want ^_^ 

First up...

Tip #1: Does Your Baby Get Cranky In Flights?
This is the most Frequently Asked Question that I get from moms who are planning on flying across the country or gearing up for a fabulous holiday overseas. Yes they do cry. But they cry for the usual things. Like "Mommy I'm hungry!" or "Mommy my diaper is wet!" or "Mommy I'm bored!". Its normal! In the first few days when I became a new unexperienced mom, Baby Riduan was crying all the time because I struggled to breastfeed. Then after much stress and hopelessness, me and hubs went to see a midwife. She got the breastfeeding sorted out for me (Yeay! Thank you so much Jenny!) and she told me that babies cry because they are shouting at you to help them get what they need to thrive and grow. And crying is actually a last cue that your baby is giving to you so that you know that your baby needs something. So on flights, I really watch for the cues that Baby Riduan is giving me. Check it out:
One super great tip that I got from my good friend Zamila is how to pacify your lil' one when the flight takes-off or lands. This is especially easier for breastfeeding moms. Just when the flight is going to take off or land, feed your baby! The pressure changes dramatically during take-offs and landings, so when your baby swallows milk, his ear will pop, the pressure normalizes between his body and the inside of the plane and he'll be alright again. Baby Riduan does get a bit confused sometimes but I hold him really tight to me and comfort him that way too.

All comfy and happy in Ummi's arms. Love you so much!

Tip #2: The bassinet
This is another great great service that most long haul flights will offer (so far, short trips airplane that I've been on don't have this). I mean, imagine holding your baby for 8 hours straight! You've got to be cousins with Mr. T to accomplish that. So yes, request for seats with a bassinet for you, your hubby and your baby.

Yes...baby sleeps good, ummi and walid sleep good too

Tip #3: Get a Red Carpet treatment
And I literally mean Red Carpet. Ever since Baby Riduan came into our world, we ALWAYS add on a Red Carpet package for a small fee whenever we fly with Air Asia. And we only have to pay that fee for just me and hubby! Baby Riduan gets the Red Carpet treatment for freeeeeee *I love free*, until he's 2 years of age. There's a whole bunch of first rate services that we get with the Red Carpet treatment, but the most awesomest thing that I love about the Red Carpet treatment is that we never ever have to stand so long in line for checking-in for our flights. And we all know how crazy it is sometimes at Air Asia check-in counters. So my baby don't have to wait so long in line as well. If you would like to know more about the Red Carpet treatment from Air Asia, just click here.

My other tips which I think most airlines have especially for couples with babies and kids, make it a point to cut long lines, go onboard first before everyone else and request for anything necessary on board the actually flight to make the journey enjoyable for your baby and also you and your hubby. InsyaAllah, you'll have a super happy flight all the way to your vacation spot ^_^

Red Carpet by Air Asia. I LOVE IT!

Tip #4: Yes, you CAN bring along your baby's stroller!
There are I think, two main questions many many couples have and are so worried about when it comes to bringing the stroller along on flights. I will share with you guys my experience.

Question: Won't I have to pack it up and check-it in at the counter?
Answer: Nope. Once you've checked-in your luggage, the nice people at the counter will also "check-in" your baby's stroller by putting a paper tag on it. But you can wheel it in all the way to the door/stairs of the aircraft! Here's Air Asia's guide for your baby's stroller.

Question: Won't it be a part of your luggage allowance?
Answer: Nope. It won't be counted as part of your luggage allowance no matter how heavy it is.

Awesome right? So do bring your baby's stroller on flights even though its super bulky like most newborn's strollers are.

"Yezza, I get PRIORITY over everyone else!" says Baby Riduan hehe.

Hope that helps!
Ok then people. I do hope that my simple tips will give you that extra comfortness whenever traveling with your coo-ing, gurgling bundle of joy. If you do a bit of research, insyaAllah, yes you definitely can travel pretty smoothly with your baby.

So with that, I'd like to say happy vacationing people, as it is that time of the year and click below if you would like to see pictures of our recent trip to Tokyo!

{ Aisyah }

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