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This is my little family. Me on the left, little Riduan in the middle and darling hubby, Dr Kamarul, on the right. We live in Shah Alam, quite a nice town in the central part of Malaysia. My husband and I could be the most opposite of people most of the time, but somehow we complete each other and share the same goals and aspirations.

I used to be a career woman, full time in the corporate world. Life was a whirlwind of activities, trying my best to balance between work, family, friends and keeping a sane mind. Yes it was hard. Yes it was tough. And yes I've plummeted several times towards the ground but all the experiences made me who I am today. Personally I think I have become a strong and independent individual. When sometimes I take a walk down memory lane, I have nothing but good things to say about my life back then.

Now, everything changed. Everything took a 180 degrees turn ever since I met the love of my life, who I affectionately call Abang. Hand-in-hand we've decided to take a leap of faith and build our own family business in wellness and nutrition. My husband, a medical doctor by training, started out the business first on his own and have achieved so much in the business and as a person. At first, when I left the corporate world, making it out on our own was the scariest decision that I have ever made. Imagine writing your own pay cheque! I could have frizzled and flop if it were not for His blessings and the coaching that I've received from Abang.

Alhamdulillah - all praise and gratitude is due to Allah - our wellness and nutrition business is now growing and touching more and more lives. Every phone call and every meeting with the people that we coach who are now just like family, brings joy and so much happiness into our lives. I love writing in this blog about the experiences and the person that I have become on my journey as a mommy, a wife, a friend, a family member and a wellness coach. These experiences fuels my fire to achieve more and live the life that I have always dreamed of.

Very recently I have written and strive to live everyday towards a personal mission to empower the community around me.

My personal mission statement:
My life’s journey is a journey to empower the muslim community to shape their own economy, their own life’s journey with Allah always a top priority. The result is a community that cares for each other, creates its own opportunities in this world and for the hereafter.

To fulfill this mission:
I will set up an Enrichment Center, gathering the best teachers to teach these skills and knowledge.

Many of the challenges that I've faced in running our wellness coaching wouldn't have seemed possible to conquer if it were not for the many loving advice and mentoring that I've received from friends, family, other coaches and even the people that I am coaching themselves! That is why I get really excited to read any comments or feedback from you about my blog. Please do leave me a quick note at aisyah.patthi@yahoo.com, on our facebook or in the comments section of this blog so that I can I better improve my coaching and share them together in writing.

Wellness and my family is my passion...thank you for letting me share these with you!

Your friend,
{ Aisyah }
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