Fitness Class Shah Alam

(or more fondly known as our Shah Alam Fit Challenge!)

If you live around Shah Alam, then you definitely do not want to miss our Shah Alam Fit Challenge!

Here's what you will get when you join our Shah Alam Fit Challenge community:

  • Cutting edge understanding of how your body works to get fitter and healthier by combining three crucial elements together: Nutrition + Exercise + Mindset
  • Personal coaching by trained coaches. Although our community exercises in a group session, we understand that no one is 100% similar. No matter what your body type is, how your working life is or what fitness level you are at, our coaches will be there all the way to guide you on a healthier and more active lifestyle.
  • We welcome beginners and more advanced fitness enthusiasts alike! All we need you to be is to be 100% committed on your results and make lots of positive and motivated friends along your journey to the best shape ever.
  • Recognition on your progress is pretty crucial in our community. Celebrate your progress and cheer others on theirs. We find that a community that celebrate its progress creates a much more lasting result.
  • Lots and lots of fun workout sessions, hikings, marathon running, charity fund raisers and much much more will be added and mixed in our fitness sessions.
If you are serious about your fitness, health and really just want to get started already, go ahead and Whatsapp or Call Me on +60192294616 (I'm Coach Aisyah ^_^) or fill out the form on my contacts page right here on this link here...go on click it!

Can't wait to meet up with you soon and before you go....

Check out our hashtag #shahalamfitchallenge on Instagram! Woohoo!

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